walmart & whale wars (written 11/29/08)


so a man in LI, NY got trampled to death on Black Friday as he was trying to control the “Blitz Line” in a Walmart.  WTF are you assholes thinkin? you are all responsible for what happened to that man. i bet he didn’t even want to work that morning, now he’s dead. all because you had to save $20? really people? really? i know i’m going offf on a rant here… but i just can’t believe it. then those people had the balls, to jostle EMS workers? a man lost his life and you still have to get that TV before they’re gone? did anyone even try to help him? or where you too busy consuming? it makes me sad to think that this is how people act. i hope that the people responsible for this are held accountable.  oh yeah… and most of them kept shopping when authorities tried to close the store down. are you fucking kidding me?

not 2 mention the 2 idiots who killed eachother in Toys R Us… after the women they were with got in a fight… WTF are you people thinkin?

if Black Friday is your deal and you like to go out shopping and shit ok… but trample a man to death? kill eachother over toys!?

oh yah… Walmart called it an “unfortunate incident”… no kidding.

Whale Wars

ths is another bit of a rant… goes back to the antivivisectionists & other extremist Animal Rights groups.

so i’m actually ashamed to admit, i was very interested in the Animal Plant show Whale Wars. i wanted to know what it was about. and oh boy did i find out.  first off, let me say that i can’t believe AP would put this show on the air. it is encouraging these extremeists to put themselves in danger, break laws, and in general commit terrorists acts. i agree that Whaling is wrong. and i agree that something should be done about it… but not this way. not like they are doing. i’m all for having strong views and opinions, but don’t jump onto a Japanese ship, practally force them to hold you hostage, then blame them when they do just what you wanted in the first place! you ARE terrorists. you might not be killing people, but you still are an extremist. it’s dangerous and wrong. the captain & founder of Sea Shepards was a founder of GreenPeace… he was asked to leave due to his extreme and dangerous tactics. they mention it on the show, but not on the website. more info on the show below…

these Animal Rights extremists give people who care a bad name. i’m down for saving whales… make laws, not violence. find ways to enforce these laws, don’t break laws. grrrr…

thanks for listening… this shit makes me crazy. love it or hate it… i don’t get it.


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