I like cupcakes. I like alcohol. So why not  bake cupcakes using alcohol!? That was a very important question I asked myself last year. Reasons might include the fact that I tend to burn things, and I had an ancient and temperamental oven that was barely  12×12 inches, or that I didn’t even own measuring cups!
Eventually I was so intrigued by the idea of alcoholic cupcakes I just had to try some out. After talking it over with my future guinea pigs (aka my coworkers), a Ziploc became my chosen beverage.  If you’re not familiar with a Ziploc it’s a shooter with Redbull, Blue Curaçao, and orange vodka. yummy. I baked  the BC  into the cake mix , and made a buttercream frosting with the Redbull.  I used orange essence instead of orange vodka. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cheated. I used a box white cake mix,  subbed 1/2 of the water w/ the liquor, added orange extract, and  a box of pudding mix.  The buttercream was a basic recipe with the Redbull added for flavor and consistency, with a few drops of yellow food coloring. Side note: don’t melt the butter! it makes the buttercream into more of a glaze!
The Ziploc cupcakes went over pretty well. They were followed by Bailey’s Irish Coffee, Captain Morgan and Coke, Strawberry Margarita,  and  Margarita cupcakes! all had varying degrees of yummyness. The Irish Coffee cupcakes were my favorite. The  Margarita cupcakes where not very successful.  When the Jose was baked off there wasn’t any tequila taste left. The same can be said for the Strawberry Margarita cupcakes, but they still tasted ok .
After the cupcakes came Grand Marnier Brownies.  No box mix there! At this point my guinea pig pool had spread to our regular guests as well. I think the brownies went over the best! 
Recently while visiting my folks back in MA I decided to try baking Mimosa cupcakes (from the Big Book of Cupcakes). No box mix there! It was my very first cupcake recipe from scratch. I got to use a full size oven! Deliciousness was the result! the best part about baking these cupcakes was def the extra champaign and OJ… as I said before- I do enjoy a drink now and again.
During my baking exploits I learned a few things like: I don’t like non-stick/dark cupcake tins (those cheap shiny throw away ones work the best for me),  you shouldn’t sample too much of the product, over-mixing will make cupcakes tough, pre-measuring is wicked important, always use fresh eggs, don’t melt the butter all the way or your frosting won’t be fluffy, and separating egg whites/ yolks isn’t as hard as i thought it would be.
Check out the recipe page for these cupcakes and other things I’ve tried to cook/bake/ or make!
Recipes for Washington Apple cupcakes, Tuaca cupcakes, and Irish Car Bomb cupcakes are still in the works! Unfortunately… I don’t have anyone to bake for here!
best wishes and kisses,
hey waitress!
*orig. 9/20/11*

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