Southern Yankee Pulled Pork BBQ

SO… I like pulled pork. yes, I know it’s a “southern” thing, and I’m from Massachusetts… I get it. Pulled pork BBQ is one of the many things I loved about the South (including country boys, the southern drawl, and county fairs). This Southern Yankee Pulled Pork is a recipe off of allrecipes, and my first attempt at BBQ. I know it’s not “real” BBQ, cuz it’s not smoked and the sauce isn’t homemade… but it’s still pretty darn delish. I’ll most likely use just a cup of celery next time, as I’m not a big fan of it.
there are juuust a few things I did differently.
  • Instead of fresh cloves of garlic  I used store-bought minced garlic.
  • The original recipe calls for 3lbs of pork shoulder, the smallest one I could find at the grocery was 4.5 lbs. While I’m on the topic of pork shoulder, I didn’t realize how  fatty it was! I trimmed a handful of fat off the darn thing! Ick. If I could have convinced myself to spend the extra money I would have used a loin (which seemed less fatty). Hmph- Are loins less fatty?!
  • I also went ahead and shredded the meat at 6 hours, then kept cooking it for another 2 hours. I was hoping to really soak up all the flavor from the sauce.
 That’s all Folks!
-Hey Waitress!!

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