Chocolate Irish CarBomb Cupcakes

I served a lot of Irish CarBombs at the bar, and 90% of them where during St Patties Day celebrations. So, as March rolled around, I just HAD to give these a try. I was super surprised to find Irish Car Bomb cupcake recipes easily online… for the most part they were all very close to the same. Does that make sense? It’s a good thing I wasn’t an English Major, huh?
The cupcake recipe I used was from
When I simmered the Guinness & butter, I chunked the butter to help it melt down quicker.
I started off filling my cups 2/3 full, but I would def do them all 3/4 next time.
I cored them using a paring knife.
The filling I used was from
It was originally made to fill 12 cupcakes, so I doubled it!
It also used bitter-sweet chocolate, but all I could find was semi-sweet. I used Baker’s (brand name).
This filling was very liquidey (ha! I KNOW that’s not a word), so I let it cool a bit, then filled the  cupcakes.
Some of my chocolate chunks didn’t melt all the way, but i left them in there for texture. Or, I was just being lazy.
after filling I put the tops back on, and then spread the leftover filling over the cupcakes. For future reference- don’t even bother with putting the tops back on.
I saw one version of this recipe that dipped the cupcakes in the filling instead of coring & filling them… shit, I’ve rewritten that sentence 3 times, and it STILL looks funny. You get what I was saying, right?
The Guinness buttercream was from
As the original recipe called for I simmered the Guinness for 15 minutes. Nothing happened. Then I simmered for 5 more. Still nothing happened. It didn’t thicken, or reduce. I’m not sure why. I’ll probably skip the simmering next time.
The original recipe uses 1 cup of Guinness… I thought that was way too much. I like the consistency and the taste using just  1/4 c.
I also added a smidge of green gel food coloring to make them more festive! Oh fine, they were supposed to have shamrocks iced on top, but they looked horrible so I smoothed them out.
The frosting color before the food coloring is almost the same color as the head on a Guinness. If I ever make these for anything besides St. Pattie’s, I’ll leave the green out, and smoosh the frosting on to look like the foamy head!
random thoughts about…
This cupcake uses LOTS of pots and bowls. Unless you’re me, and you only have one mixing bowl and one saucepan. Then it uses a lot of dish soap.
I heard you can’t order Irish CarBombs in a “real” Irish bar?
Happy March!!
-Hey Waitress!!

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