Irish Black & White Cookies

This was my second try on B&W cookies… and I’m superduper happy with the way they came out.
Starting with the cookie its self. The original recipe was from The Boozy Baker (Black & White Russian Cookies, pg 94). I used it for the Bailey’s B&W’s, and thought that it’d work with Guinness too! So I HAD to give it a try. This time around the batter was slightly thinner, but not enough to be very noticeable. In the Boozy Baker she uses a 1/3 cup scoop, and made 12 cookies. I used a 1/4 c scoop and got 16 cookies. I also used hot chocolate mix instead of instant espresso… I baked them for 15 minutes, and they came out slightly browned on the edges. As a side note- I really love the cakeyness( haha new word!) of these cookies. It’s sort of like a cookie and a piece of cake did “it” and this is the result!
As for the frosting… I didn’t LOVE the one in Boozy Baker. It was kind of thin, and it (mostly) absorbed into the cookie after a few days.  I decided to use the filling from the Irish CarBomb Cupcakes as a frosting, instead of the recipe in the book. If you notice on the Irish Black & White recipe page both the black & white frostings have the same directions. In fact the only difference is the type of chocolate!  I heated all the cream in the same sauce pot, then poured 1/2 in a measuring cup (=1/4 cup), then added the white chocolate and butter, and stirred until smooth. Next I stirred in the Bailey’s & Jameson’s until it was all mixed. I just tossed the chopped semi-sweet chocolate & the other tablespoon of butter into the sauce pot with the remaining cream, stirred smooth, and added the Bailey’s & Jameson’s. I (had to forget something) didn’t check to see how long the frostings took to thicken but it was at least 10 minutes, try putting it in the fridge. The white chocolate mix won’t get as thick as the regular chocolate… I’m not sure why. And it’s not exactly white, it’s more… off white, or ivory. I frosted the white halves first, then the black. They’re sort of messy to make with all the frosting, so I’d def. put some parchment paper down, and store/ serve them in single layers because the frosting won’t completely harden.
Hope you like them!
-Hey Waitress!!