Maple Bacon Whiskey Cupcakes

Did you know Mark Twain and Clark Gable where both whiskey drinkers? I found that out while I was trying to find a name for these little guys. Maple Bacon Whiskey cupcakes get kind of annoying to say (and type). Anyways…
A tweet (Real men eat cupcakes: Butch Bakery revs up the classic confection with bacon and liquor inspired treats from FoxNews inspired this weeks Sunday Cupcakery. No joke… these ar definitely “manly”, and probably a bit seasonal too. I think they’d be good in the Fall. was that random? Side note- I’m addicted to social media, and I’m ok with it.
I searched the net, and found a few recipes. Most of the used shortening (gross) or bacon fat (grosser). A lot of them also just used plain vanilla or white cake… which wouldn’t have enough booze flavor for me. About to give up, I stumbled on MyDysfunctionalKitchen‘s bacon beer cupcake! TAH-DAAAAH! just what I wanted, except I changed the Guinness to Jameson’s and made my own buttercream. 
 As usual, I ended up with extra cupcakes (32, instead of 24)… so fill your tins up 3/4 and bake slightly longer if you only want 24. I’m not sure why but the middle of these “caved-in”.  I’m wondering if I should have whipped the egg whites before mixing them in?So, for some cupcake camo I  filled the divot in with extra frosting.
I used a basic buttercream frosting recipe. I ended up using about 3.5 cups of powdered sugar, and it came out nice and fluffy. There wasn’t much whiskey taste… but just the hint was enough for me. Don’t forget to save a few slices of bacon to garnish them with!
Happy baking.
-Hey Waitress!!

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