Jello Shot Cupcakes

So. First things first. I “wrote” this recipe for one flavor of jello, and one flavor of vodka. While I was at the grocery, I couldn’t decide which flavor vodka, OR Jello I wanted to use. It was a tough decision, and I couldn’t do it! I ended up buying Orange and Black Cherry flavored Jello, and making half and half. That’s why my cupcakes are 2 different colors!
I made the batter with Pinnacle Whipped vodka. Then I split it, used half a box of orange Jello, and half a box of black cherry. I did the same with the “poke” using the remaining Jello powder. For the black cherry cupcakes, I used Pinnacle Grape for the poke and the frosting. I continued to use the Pinnacle Whipped in the orange flavored cupcakes.
Overall, I like the orange ones better. I’m not a big fan of black cherry, and I’m not really sure why I went with that instead of strawberry or something else. Maybe I was just overwhelmed by all my Jello choices. 😉
I’m not in love with this frosting, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m just a buttercream girl. I didn’t care for the color it ended up. It was kind of off white, more yellow, and while it looks OK on the orange cupcakes, not so much on the grape/black cherry. Fortunatly I had some gel food color to make them the pretty pinkish color.
These cupcakes are definitely a novelty. I won’t make them again, unless it’s for a party, or a specific request. They’re pretty tasty, but not great. You can taste the vodka, it’s not too overwhelming.
The great thing about these is all the different flavor combinations you can make. Like Tequila & lime Jello! Or strawberry/grape…
Happy Baking,
-Hey Waitress!!
Click for the recipe.

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