Holy Sh*t, I Think I’m A Libertarian

Really, this post is a rant. If you’ve no interest in listening me go off about Big Gov, quit reading. Please. If we’re real-life friends, or you’re a dirty Liberal (or both, because for some reason I have a lot of Liberal friends), I’m sorry I’ll probably offended you.  
I’m angry, and scared for the country that I love. WHY?!
It’s about Bush’s Patriot Act. It’s about SCOTUS crushing AZ’s immigration law, and upholding Obamacare (interpreted “mandate” as a TAX). It’s about people who work hard for what they EARN, giving it to the Fed, for people who don’t earn. This is about a socio-economic situation that will only get worse unless “regular” people stand up for themselves. It’s about the USA becoming the Peoples State of America. It’s about the fact that people should work for the “American Dream”, not have it handed to them when they cross the border. It’s not about party “lines”, it’s about your rights/ freedoms being taken from you one, by one, by one.
‎1984, Fahrenheit 451, A Brave New World, We, Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, The Giver… are warnings. Not instruction manuals. What happens when your God-given freedoms are gone, and it’s too late? When is enough, enough? Is it when Newspeak becomes normal, or when a fireman SET fires, or when the gov lines their pockets in the guise of “the common good”?
I want smaller Gov, less taxes, free trade/ free market system, individual rights, and smaller military (defense only).
“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of individual liberty, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to agree to such new governance as to them shall seem most likely to protect their liberty.” –3.7 Self-Determination, Libertarian Party Platform
-Hey Waitress!!
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