Apple Cider Cupcakes with caramel filling & peanut butter buttercream!!

I have a confession. I made these the same day I made the caramel sauce but Netflix seems to have sucks my spare time into a mindless void of watching all my favorite shows. I’m not sorry.

I’m also not sorry I made these cupcakes. Not even a little bit. ;)I picked this combo because I’m super excited for autumn flavors. Unless it’s something pumpkin. I’m already totally sick of pumpkin spice things. When did pumpkin spice become the end all be all of Fall!? Geeeeeez.

Aaaaaaanyways… the cupcake is from Something Swanky. I doubled that recipe, and put the ingredients together a little differently.

After the cupcakes cooled, I cored them with a paring knife, and set the tops to the side. You can put them back on after you fill them with the caramel if you want. I did. I used about a tablespoon of filling for each cupcake and had some left over. If you don’t put the tops back on you’ll probably use all the filling.

The peanut butter buttercream is my standard buttercream (and probably my favorite flavor).

I used apple cider in both the filling & buttercream, but you can just use milk if you want. I really wanted to make sure there was plenty of cider flavor throughout the whole cupcake!

Overall… I really liked the way these came out. The cake is moist, and none of the individual flavors are so strong that they overwhelm the others. These get thumbs up! And it’s been hard for me to control the urge to eat more than one at a time.

So, skip the pumpkin spice stuff that’s all over the place this season,  and go make these!

Happy Baking!
-Hey Waitress!!

Check out the recipe for these cupcakes!


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