Campanelle a la Vodka- N2MCC9

… Because Penne is so booooooooring! Amiright!?
I made this for week 9 of this year’s New to Me Cooking Challenge. I adapted it from All Recipes. Have I mentioned how much I love that site?
I used much less butter then the original recipe calls for, because I have no idea why it needed that much butter to start with. ¼ cup!? Geeez…
I used FF Half & Half instead of the heavy cream to cut calories. And the only package of reduced fat sausage in the entire grocery store, which I got in the breakfast section. I probably should have stuck with the regular Italian sausage.
I should’ve drained the diced tomatoes; my sauce was a little too thin.
I’m not really in love with this recipe. It’s alright… but neither Hubs nor I have any interest in the leftovers. I’m going to try it again with a few tweeks.
Happy Cooking!
Check out the recipe?

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