Easy Taco Skillet- N2MCC10

taco skillet

(That’s a horrible picture. I’m sorry!)

I made this Easy Taco Skillet (click for the recipe, duh!) for week 10 of my New to Me Cooking Challenge 2014! It’s slightly adapted from the McCormick website. I didn’t realize it’s practically the same as the Steak Enchiladas (week 37, 2013) until just now. Drat.

No matter what it’s still tastes pretty good. I used light/ reduced fat ingredients for everything except the chips. I switched out the pinto beans for navy beans because they have fewer calories and I like them.

The great thing about this recipe is how easy it would be to change out any of the ingredients. Use ground turkey instead of beef, regular cheddar instead of jalapeño, plain tortilla chips (or taco shells) instead of the flavored ones… get my drift?

The other thing about this recipe is I used 4 oz of cheese and it equaled about 1 cup. 3 oz of coarse crushed chips was also about 1 cup. I prefer to weigh things like those because they give a more accurate calorie count. ‘Ya know? I mean, if you crush the chips really small you’ll fit more in the measuring cup…

Other than that, both Hub’s and I are kind of indifferent to this dish. It might happen again, but it might not.

I also made some country-style boneless pork ribs in the slow cooker adapted from Mom’s Test Kitchen & The Weary Chef. They came out pretty good, but super ugly, and not quite how I wanted. I’m planning on another attempt soon.


Happy Cooking!




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