Lemon Herb Pasta- N2MCC12

I actually made this recipe 2x. The first time was last week, but it didn’t come out like I wanted so I gave it another try for week 12 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge. I adapted it from Sugar Dish Me.


The first time I tried this I use fettuccine noodles and diced up some chicken to put in there. I wasn’t a big fan of it this way… the diced chicken and long noodles don’t really work together, IMO. I couldn’t get chicken and pasta on the fork at the same time. Errrr… does that make me sound uncoordinated? I am. It’s kind of sad.

I followed the original directions  closely, and then… burned my garlic. Ooops. Going back to the whole uncoordinated issue… I could figure out how to get my garlic out of the pan while still leaving the oil in there to mix w/ the lemon. Am I stupid!? i have to confess something while I’m talking about garlic… I use the minced stuff from a jar. And I feel guilty about it ever since I read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I’m just too lazy to spend the extra 2 minutes mincing garlic.

And because when I’m on a roll I like to stick w/ it… I also over toasted my breadcrumbs. And by over toasted I mean they got pretty brown. And by pretty brown I mean almost burned. Watch them closely! Another confession: I used refrigerated finally grated parmesan cheese product from Kraft. You know the kind that comes in the green shaker bottle? I’m not sure if I should be ashamed by this or not.


The second time I made this lemon herb pasta was yesterday. It worked out much better for me after I made a few changes. (Click HERE for my version of Lemon Herb Pasta)

I used twisty, short pasta (I forget what it’s called). The oil mixture & the breadcrumbs got into all those little crevices and stuck there. I served it w/ chicken again, but this time I just put chicken breasts on top of the pasta. I managed to NOT burn anything. Yay!


I cooked the pasta al dente both times because after you put the warmed oil over it… it’ll probably cook a little bit more while the breadcrumbs are browning.


We had a lot left over, Hubs ate it for lunch and told me it reheated well.Overall this recipe will make occasional appearances in our house, it’ll be a nice break from the red sauces Hubs likes.

Happy Making!



PS. Sorry I forgot pictures!


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