Slow Cooker Stuffed “Baked” Potatoes- N2MCC13

I have to tell you a story.

It’s about a girl who can’t bake potatoes in the oven. It’s not like she hadn’t tried… because she had. A LOT. Many many many times. And every time she failed. She tried many different techniques, temperatures, cooking times, placement in oven… nothing worked.

French fries in the oven? No problem.

Potato chips in the oven? Easy Peasy.

Roasted Potatoes? Sure thing.

Whole potatoes baked to perfection? Nope. No way. Never. The pooor girl eventually gave up on making the elusive perfect baked potato.

Until THIS came into her life. It was a miracle. A light shined down upon her, and she gleefully skipped into the kitchen to set up her favorite magical cooking device. After she rescued a few starchy veggies from the deep dark dungeon of the pantry, she cooked the heck out of those things. Then stuffed them with chicken & broccoli and ate them. (She laughed maniacally the entire time, because somehow she managed to find an easy way to “bake” potatoes.)

The End.

But seriously, that’s a true story. Except I shared the potatoes with Hubs.

The next time I make them I’ll probably finish them off in the oven. Probably under the broiler. Also… maybe a little salt and pepper on the skin before I put them in the cooker.

Overall we both really liked these. Thumbs up. Check out my Stuffed “Baked” Potatoes!

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