Root Beer BBQ Sauce- N2MCC14

So, I made a pretty good BBQ sauce for week 14 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge.

I reduced the amount of ketchup compared to the original recipe because I ran out. Ooops. I used less worcestershire because it has too much salt and the brand we use has a few extra calories. I subbed reduced sodium chicken broth for the missing ketchup & worcestershire. And the last change I made was using a whole can of tomato paste. 3 tablespoons was, like, ¾ of the can… and what the heck am I going to do w/ that little itty bitty bit of tomato paste!?

I was hoping it would have more of a sweet flavor from the root beer. I used diet soda, maybe that’s partly why? It’s also  very tomatoey. Is “tomatoey” a word? I think it should be.

Last Wednesday we slathered this on a pork loin that Hubs cooked on the grill & sliced it REALLY thin. Awesome.

Yesterday, I used it as “sauce” to make a BBQ Chicken Pizza*. Also awesome.

AND later this week? I’m using some to replace the bottled BBQ sauce in my Homemade “Baked” Beans.

It’s that good. Check out my adapted Root Beer BBQ Sauce recipe.

Happy Making!



*Do you want to hear a story about this? Keep reading. Yesterday was Sunday (my favorite day to bake). I was really excited because I put together a recipe for fudgey brownies and I had a great idea to make Peeps S’mores Brownies. Lets just say it didn’t work out like I wanted. They taste good, but I made the crust w/ too much butter and it basically bubbled up and dribbled onto my oven (I think). But this is supposed to be a story about pizza, right? Yup. Later last night, around dinner time, I set the oven to pre-heat at 425 degrees so I could cook my pizza crust. Then the oven proceeded to start smelling like something was burning… then it started smoking (just a little). Needless to say, I turned it off, turned the vent on, and opened some windows. But what’s a girl to do with an unbaked pizza crust, especially when she’s soooooo hungry, the chicken is cooked and diced, and the cheese is sliced? She convinces Hubs to heat up the grill! And they threw that crust on that grill, shut the cover… and baked it for a few minutes. It worked! The crust was so perfect, I probably won’t use the oven for pizza at all this spring/summer! The only problem we had was that I let it bake on the baking sheet instead of directly on the grate ’cause the crust was so thin (I was afraid it would rip/ sink through the holes), I think we need to invest in a pizza stone. So… did you know “self-cleaning” ovens just heat up REALLY hot and incinerate the gunk, that how they “clean”! That’s sooo not working for me. I might have another funny story about how I’m trying to “naturally” clean my oven…


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