Shredded Wheat Birds Nests!!

I wasn’t going to post these Birds Nests because they’re so easy, and there are TONS of recipes for them online. But then something awful happened on Sunday (said in my most dramatic tone). What actually happened was I made a recipe that didn’t work out like I expected… and it’s not good enough to share. So, you get these instead! It’s a pretty good trade. I made these last week at the same time as the Peppermint Patty Pretzels.

There really isn’t much to say…

I used Post (brand) shredded wheat and I didn’t realize they’d be so freaking huge! I expected them to be the same size as the frosted ones I used to eat when I was a kid!

I used large cupcake liners because those are the only plain ones I have. All my regular cupcake lines are “pretty” and who wants to use pretty liners, when you’re just going to toss them out before anyone sees!?

These Shredded Wheat Birds Nests taste good, but IMO they’re probably more for decoration then eating. I think they’d make a great addition/ filler on a dessert table for Easter.

Happy Making!


PS… I’m sorry if this post is grammatically incorrect. I can’t for the life of me decide if Shredded Wheat Birds Nests is correct, or if it’s supposed to be Shredded Wheat Bird’s Nests! UGH.

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