Low-Cal Chocolate Pancakes-N2MCC18

I made these last week for my New To Me Cooking Challenge. I adapted the recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. Something I probably shouldn’t have done. Adapting the recipe, I mean…

I was so excited to try these out, but we thought they came out kind of disappointing. My version came out very wet and very flat. I practically burned the outsides, and they still ended up wet in the middles. I think I probably should’ve stuck w/ the applesauce to oil ratio in the original recipe.

I prefer my pancakes to be much fluffier & waaaaaay thicker than these ended up. I’m not sure what I could’ve done to change the thinness of these.

This was first time I ever tried to make pancakes without using the boxed mix, the first time I tried chocolate pancakes, AND the first time I tried to make low-cal pancakes. I think I got over ambitious.

Overall, my adapted version just doesn’t cut it. I’m planning on trying the original recipe in the near future… for comparison of course.

Better luck next time,


Do you wanna see my Low-Cal Chocolate Pancakes recipe?

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