My 1st 10k Race AND Slightly Boozy Snicker’s Cupcakes

On my last post I may have whined a little bit about my first 10k race. And then I said I didn’t want to talk about it…

Then I realized that part of becoming a better runner is identifying what went “wrong”, what I need to do better, and what I did “right”.

I didn’t do anything right besides get there early enough to sign in & stretch. I also made the right choice on what to wear. 😉 the weather was kind of iffy, I was expecting rain/ thunderstorms… luckily it was sunny, buuut a little warm. Needless to say a tank & capri’s worked well.

If I’m going to be brutally honest w/ myself…. My worst mistake was not sticking with my plan. I never realized how important it is in running to have a plan & stick with it, until this race. I wedged my way toward the front of the pack then tried to keep up. BAD IDEA. I should’ve started in the middle or back of the pack and stuck to my intervals. I felt so good starting that I ran 3x my interval faster than I should have. By the time I took a “recovery” I knew I was in trouble. The other problem w/ not sticking to my plan was water. I didn’t take a drink at the turn-around/ half way, and there wasn’t another chance until around the 5 mile mark…

And finally, or probably firstly… I should have done more training. I’ve been a lazy runner. I didn’t do as much interval training as I should have, and I haven’t run a straight through 10k outside since last fall.

So to sum it up: start in the middle of the pack, don’t worry about what the leaders are doing, stick to the plan, and train.


Do you know what makes the aftermath of a tough race better?

These Slightly Boozy Snickers Cupcakes.

Chocolate + Nougat + Peanuts + Caramel Buttercream + Bailey’s = Win.

I used the chocolate cake from my Slightly Boozy Hostess Cupcakes, the nougat & buttercream are from my Milky Way Cupcakes.

The cake was a smidge dry this time, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I overmixed the batter.

I halved the nougat from the Milky Way cupcakes (I had too much last time), then added the peanuts to make it like a Snicker’s! When I make these again I’ll use more peanuts… they got kind of lost in the nougat.

The caramel buttercream is delish… I could’ve eaten it with a spoon! If you’re not using homemade caramel make sure you use “caramel topping” in the jar NOT caramel sauce in the squeeze bottle. I’ve used both and the “topping” is much better than the sauce. TRUST ME.

I drizzled the top of these with chocolate ganache, but it wasn’t worth the effort. A lot of the time when I make ganache it’s too thin. This was one of those times. I chilled it in the freezer for a while to thicken up, and then whipped it a little. If you want a drizzle… use chocolate sauce.

And if you want to make Booze Free Snicker’s Cupcakes you could probably just use milk or Half N Half instead of Caramel Bailey’s. Personally, the booze really helps take away my post-bad-run-sad-feelings.

At this point I should probably admit that food is my crutch… if that’s not obvious. I’m going to eat one of these cupcakes right now while I check the race results.

😉 get the recipe for Slightly Boozy Snicker’s Cupcakes!


PS. I finished in 1:00:09 (9:42 pace), came in 89/119 overall, and 12/18 in my group (W20-29).


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