Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad-N2MCC21

I adapted this recipe from Snappy Gourmet for my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge last week. It’s so freaking delish! I promise you want this in your life.

The original recipe uses regular Texas Pete Hot Sauce, and I would have too… except I wanted something super more mild, saw a giant bottle of (what I thought was) mild hot sauce and used that instead. It turned out to be WING SAUCE… which is basically regular Texas Pete with a bunch of additives (like “butter substitute”) and a ton of extra calories (90 per serving compared to 5). So because I used wing sauce I cut out some of the olive oil.

Speaking of olive oil, I think this would taste pretty good with some melted butter in place of the oil. But,  maybe I’m crazy? Partly because butter has fewer calories than olive oil, and partly because… who doesn’t like BUTTER!?

Talking about calories… this pasta salad has a pretty high calorie count (thanks to the WING SAUCE and the oil). The best way to lighten it up would be to use regular Texas Pete. Or less chicken.

The last change I made was substituting the RF Jalapeno Cheddar for the Blue Cheese called for in the original recipe. There’s just something icky about a cheese that intentionally adds mold (Penicillium) to the final product. Nope. NOPE. NOPE.

Overall Hubs and I destroyed this meal. We seriously ate all of it, with the exception of a bowlful that he finished off for lunch the next day.

If it wasn’t so high in calories it’d get 2 thumbs up. As is… it gets 1 ½. 😉 Despite the excessive calories for a pasta salad this Buffalo Chicken version is going to get made again, that’s for sure.

Wanna make it? Click HERE! Want to see what else I’v made this year? Click HERE! How about the New 2 Me Cooking Challenge recipes from 2013? Click HERE!

Happy Making!



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