Chocolate Banana Bread!!

This recipe has a small(ish) story attached. Bear with me? Or you could just skip down a paragraph…

Alright. Story time! I love books almost as much as I love food. I’m lucky enough to have friends that enjoy the same type of reading material as me. That being said… I have 2 wonderful friends who went to a signing for Christopher Moore’s new book, The Serpent of Venice. They lovingly ordered me one, AND got it signed! How freaking cool is that!? Do you know who CM is!? If not… go to your local bookstore or get on Amazon and order something! I’d suggest starting w/ Lamb or Bloodsucking Fiends. Christopher Moore is hilarious and I want to be best friends with him.

I forgot to mention that this signing was in North Carolina.

So, how’s a girl who lives in PA supposed to thank friends who live in VA (and went to NC) for such a cool item!? She bakes! Or at least, that’s what I did! I planned on putting their baked goods in the mail, but luckily for me Hubs was heading to VA to play in a golf tournament w/ his dad! Everybody wins!

I sent 2 mini loaves of this amazing chocolate banana bread, 2 mini loaves of strawberry bear bread AND some caramel chocolate chip cookie bars, and a baggie of homemade dog biscuits (recipes soon, maybe) to VA with Hubs for my awesome friends.


I kept one loaf of bread behind, because, well, I NEEDED to make sure it tasted good, right? Riiiiiight!?

Holy freaking cow it is GOOD. It’s probably my favorite banana bread. It’s at least tied for first with this PB Banana Bread. I might just start buying bananas in bulk and hiding them from Hubs until they go brown so I can make this recipe over and over and over. Or maybe I’ll do a side by side for comparison. Not because I’m a secret fat kid who can’t get enough, nothing like that.

But, if you think it through, isn’t banana bread good for you? I mean, it’s BANANAS! They’re full of potassium. They’re FRUIT!

I wish I could claim it this recipe as my own! But I can’t. It’s from Smitten Kitchen, which is one of my favorite food blogs. Go check it out. But first make this recipe, and try not to eat it all. Maybe send some to friends… or to me.


Happy Baking!


Click here for the recipe!


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