Candied Hot Peppers- N2MCC22

It’s week 22 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge and I made TWO things! Candied Hot Peppers & Boozy Bacon Jam! Unfortunately, the bacon jam didn’t come out exactly like I wanted, so I’m going to try it again before I share.

The Mr. liked the candied peppers a lot. Me? Not so much. I assume I’ve mentioned (probably a billion times) that I don’t like peppers. I like pepper flavor. Just not peppers. It’s too much hot in my mouth! Is that weird? I like the flavor, but I just can’t handle biting down on a burning spicy hot piece of pepper. Also… soft textured (as in cooked) veggies kind of gross me out. Wow, I *AM* weird!

Alright, back to the recipe. I adapted it from How Sweet Eats. I originally doubled it. Then I added extra peppers because I had them in the fridge and figured “why the heck not”?

I ended up with a ton of liquid left over. Like, over 2 cups of it! It’s possible I didn’t let it reduce enough… or maybe the recipe just had a lot of liquid? I’m not sure. I figure you can use ½ the amount of liquid I ended up with, so that’s how I wrote the recipe on the blog.  Does that make sense? I doubled the recipe and had too much liquid, so when I posted it I left it as the original amount. Oh geeez… now I’m confusing myself!

At any rate… we ate these candied hot peppers w/ bacon jam & some spicy cheese on top of grilled burgers smooshed inside toasted Kaisers! It was pretty delish.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all the extra liquid!

Happy Making!


Check out the Candied Hot Pepper Recipe, or 2014’s other recipes, ooooor  maybe 2013’s New 2 Me Cooking Challenge Recipes?


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