Single Serve Sangria- N2MCC24

I love sangria. I mean, I reeeeeeally love it. Next to fresh lemonade it’s my favorite summer drink! The problem is… making it by the pitcher is time-consuming and I really can’t (shouldn’t) drink all that booze myself. That’s where this Single Serve Sangria recipe comes in!

I guess it’s technically not “single serve” because the recipe makes enough berry syrup for at least 4 mini bottles of wine.

I got the idea for the Berry Syrup recipe from these White Sangria Cupcakes I made last summer. Basically it’s sugar & water cooked down with berries. Honestly, it’s so easy…

So easy I made it 2x (kind of). The second time I made it with a frozen tropical fruit medley and reduced the recipe by half.

I usually drink really sweet white wine, but when I was at the liquor store The Mr. told me I should try making this recipe w/ Pinot Grigio instead of Moscato or Riesling. I couldn’t pull the trigger on one type so I figured some experimentation was in order.

I opted for the PG & Riesling, and then tried each wine with both kinds of syrup. Make sense?! It turns out The Mr. knew what he was talking about (or got lucky). My favorite was the Berry Syrup & PG. The runner-up was the Tropical Fruit Syrup & Riesling. I used Grand Marnier (instead of Chambord) with the tropical fruit.

The Mr. was in Texas all last week for a business trip, but this Sangria kind of made it OK. It did have a little help from a week of Single Serve/ Microwave treats! But I think I’ll save that for later, this post is long enough already!

Happy Making!


PS. I used this as my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge 2014 (week 24)!  Check out the other recipes.


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