Copycat Lofthouse Cookies!!

EEEK! I can’t believe this! I made these cookies last weekend and jut realized I didn’t post them! THE HORROR!

These are a copycat recipe of those awesomely soft & frosted cookies from the grocery store. I know you know the ones I’m talking about… those cookies are my grocery store weakness. Every time I walk by a box it tried to jump in my cart. Seriously.
This recipe is all over the interwebs, I saw it on a couple different blogs ( Two Peas & BEB) and at AllRecipes.
This is a pretty easy recipe to put together, buuuuuut… be warned the dough is SUPER sticky. Thankfully I lined the pan I chilled it in w/ parchment paper. I also suggest working w/ small amounts at a time, and leaving the rest in the fridge.
I got over 7 dozen cookies out of this recipe using a 2 ½” cookie cutter. Want fewer cookies? Use a bigger cookie cutter! 😉
I had juuuuuust enough frosting to cover these… I couldn’t decide what color frosting I wanted so I left these plain white. No matter what the color these Copycat Lofthouse Cookies (click for the recipe) are pretty close to perfect! They definitely cured my craving!
Happy Baking!

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