Tomato Bruschetta/ Summer Pasta “Sauce”- N2MCC26

I’m going to talk about how hot it is.
Really. Freaking. Hot.But it’s not so much the heat that gets me, it’s the humidity. I think I could deal w/ the temperature being high if it wasn’t humid…

This bruschetta is adapted (for my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge) from What A Girl Eats. It is the perfect summer “sauce” for pasta. Especially if you have a ton of tomatoes in your garden!

CHANGES: I only used one kind of tomato, but I think I’ll add some cherry or grape tomatoes next time. I used too much basil, I’m def going to use less next time, maaaybe 2 ounces. I switched out the pine nuts for sunflower seeds… pine nuts are kind of expensive and supposedly they have the same texture and similar taste to sunflower seeds. So there’s that.

I served this tossed in some pasta. I think it could use a little more oil & vinegar next time, maybe a half tablespoon each?

Next time, I think I’m going to add some thin sliced chicken cutlets on top!

So, overall this recipe is pretty adaptable. Like the original post says it’s really all “to taste”. That’s what makes it so great! I can’t wait to try it on some toasted french bread…

Wanna try it? Click here for my version of Tomato Bruschetta/ Summer Pasta “Sauce”!
Happy Making!


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