Honey Sriracha BBQ Sauce- N2MCC27

honey sriracha bbq

This Honey Sriracha BBQ Sauce is a recipe I adapted from Mess Makes Food for week 27 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge.

I didn’t change very much. I reduced the spices b/c I thought that Sriracha had enough heat on its own. I had extra garlic, but that was because I wrote the recipe down wrong! Ooops. And the only other thing I changed was putting some of the ingredients into cups instead of mLs. Lucky for me, my measuring cups have marks for both!

My sauce took a while to purée in the food processor… but it’s a pretty basic model, so that could be why.

This sauce is pretty thick, so I’m thinking the next time I’ll simmer for 15 minutes, instead of 20.

Since I made this Honey Sriracha BBQ we’ve used it on chicken and burgers. I also may have slathered some on cauliflower and some baked potato chips. So if you were wondering, it got thumbs up from both The.Mr. and I.

Try my version of Honey Sriracha BBQ Sauce! Want to try some of the other N2MCC recipes? 2013? 2014?

Happy Making!


PS. I didn’t take any pictures. Sooo… the only one up there is after we’ve used it for a few days. Please excuse the half empty jar.


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