Brownie Bottom Caramel “Ice Cream” Cake!!

I made this “cake” for The.Mr.’s 35th birthday last week! Every year when I ask him what he wants he usually says something like, “I don’t know, whatever.” This year was different! He asked for an ice cream cake. Easy-peasy. Right? Riiiiiiiiight?

Yes. Unless you’re me. Then you want to do something more interesting than slapping some Oreo crumbs between layers of vanilla & chocolate ice cream. Enter THIS cake from Cookies & Cups.

A brownie, chocolate frosting, and ice cream, all topped with fresh whipped cream? GENIUS.

I adapted it slightly (as usual).

I used a 9 inch spring-form pan lined with parchment paper. I chose a spring-form pan because I thought it would be easier to serve and so I could take pictures of all the pretty layers. You just layer everything in the pan, freeze it, then pop it open to cut & serve! The only problem I had was getting the leftovers back into it. Also… I covered it with a piece of plastic wrap with a rubber band around the edges to keep it “air tight”.

Just like the original recipe called for, I used a box of brownie mix. I used Duncan Hines Salted Caramel Decadent Brownie Mix and baked it using the “fudgey” directions on the box.

I used less chocolate frosting then the original recipe.

The last thing I did differently was using caramel swirl frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. I also used less than 1.5 quarts. I’m not sure how much less, but I didn’t use the whole container. Maybe ¾?  It was getting dangerously close to the top of my pan and I didn’t want to go over.

I do feel a little guilty because I used a box mix & canned frosting. Maybe next time I’ll try it from scratch. From scratch or from the box, either way, you want these in your life. See my Brownie Bottom Caramel “Ice Cream” Cake recipe HERE!

Happy Baking/ Making!



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