Flatbreads- N2MCC32

I’m scared of yeast bread. Actually, I’m scared of MAKING yeast bread. I feel like it’s too complicated, perfect liquid temperature, rising, punching, resting… it just seems like so much effort.

These Flatbreads are totally worth it. The original recipe is from Girl Vs. Dough. I only changed how many I made. Instead of 8 large ones, I made 12 smaller ones.

I rolled my dough out pretty thin, I didn’t actually measure them to 1/8 inch… it was probably less.

These kept well overnight covered with plastic wrap. We used a few the night I made them for a carby salad side, and the rest the next night for mini pizzas.

I’m so glad I tried this recipe! It’s certainly helping me work out my fear of yeast bread!

Wanna make it? Click here for the Flatbread Recipe! Or Check out the other recipes for my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge 2014!

Happy Making!


PS. whoever decided “Punching” dough down should be a thing… I love you.


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