Boozy S’mores Cake!!

Anyone else sick of these silly “holidays”? It seems like there’s a day for everything. However, there are few “holidays” I find totally acceptable. One of those was Last Sunday which was National S’mores Day! S’mores Day! I have a little bit of a S’more obsession. Just look at these Boozy S’mores Cupcakes. Or No Machine S’mores Ice Cream. Or this Puppy Chow. Or these (homemade everything) S’mores. How ‘bout these Vodka S’mores Brownies?
Notice I also like booze with my S’mores? Don’t Judge. I use the same honey cinnamon cookie base in most of these, it’s soooo good. Honestly… it’s good enough to eat raw. And you can because there aren’t any eggs! WIN. I also use the same chocolate cake base AND a similar (if not the same) Fluff Frosting recipe, too. I’m all about using what I love. Over and over.
I used about 1/3 of the cookie crumbles in the middle layer, but I think next time I’ll use 1/2. I had a lot leftover… that’s why my cake is sloppily covered with side crumbles. I also found some mini chocolate chips in the pantry and could resist sprinkling them all over.
I really love this cake. It’s got all my favorite S’mores flavors. It also doesn’t hurt that I could eat the Fluff Frosting by the spoonful. The cake is the perfect density… it’s not too fluffy or to soft to hold up, or so dense that it feels like a brick.
However, the next time I make this I’m leaving the chocolate ganache out, and doubling the Fluff Frosting. I’ll just use that in the middle layer instead. It’ll save a step. The only thing is it will probably have to be chilled longer because that frosting is pretty soft.
This cake came out really good! So good that and I fought over the last slice! It’s just too bad I’m not a better decorator! And one final confession: I can never tell if I need more frosting on the sides of my cakes… I always end up with lots in some spots and less in others. 😦 I def need some help in that department!
So… IMHO, this Boozy S’mores Cake is a perfect way to celebrate National S’mores Day! Wanna make it? HERE’S the recipe!
Happy Baking!

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