Turkey Taco Zucchini Boats- N2MCC33


I made Turkey Taco Zucchini Boats for week 33 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge.  They’re slightly adapted from Skinny Taste… and sooooo good.

Not to mention there’s less than 140 calories per “boat”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about how “skinny” these are… until I posted a picture on FB and all my Paleo/ No Carb/ Low Carb friends went crazy!  The reason I didn’t call this recipe “Skinny” or “healthy” is because I think it’ll all depend on what ingredients you use… I used super lean turkey & reduced fat cheese that I cut into tiny cubes myself. Obviously, if I used red meat or regular cheese there would be more calories. It’ll also depend on what brands you use (the cheese I used has less calories then the store brand). And finally, the weight of the veggies. “Medium” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. 😉 I own a $20 kitchen scale, and it’s the most used item in my kitchen (even more than the stand mixer)! BUY ONE! Then use it to weight your veggies. I added a calorie/ brand name breakdown to the bottom of the post.

I didn’t change much from the original recipe. The biggest thing I did differently was using my homemade taco seasoning instead of measuring out the spices one at a time. It’s basically the same thing. If you don’t have all the spices for homemade taco seasoning, just pick up  2 packets from the grocery store (use 1 ½).

This recipe is relatively easy, but it kinda felt like there were too many steps? Does that make sense? I think the next time I try it, I won’t bother baking the boats. If I can fit them in the skillet (after I cook the turkey mixture & fill the boats) I’ll just cover it until the cheese is melted and the zucchini is warm.

Also… I noticed that the zucchini is kind of watery/ wet. I think I’ll pat them dry before adding the filling, and maybe used extra salsa in place of the water.

Overall these Turkey Taco Zucchini boats get thumbs up from the.mr and I. It’s definitely a “light” recipe. I ate 2 for dinner around 5:30, and ended up searching the house for a snack by 7:30. Then again… I’m always hungry. 😉 I should’ve made some sweet potato fries! There’s always next time!



Here’s the recipe for my Turkey Taco Zucchini Boats.


And below is the breakdown.

Zucchini- 36 ounces, 5 calories per ounce= 180 calories

Chi Chi’s Salsa- ¾ cup, 6 servings at 10 calories= 60 calories

Taco seasoning= 20 calories

Onion- 3 ounces, 11 calories per ounce= 33 calories

Bell Pepper- 5 ounces, 6 calories per ounce= 30 calories

Cabot Jalapeno Light Cheddar- 4 ounces, 70 calories per ounce= 280 calories

Natures Promise 94% FF Ground Turkey- 12 ounces, 120 calories per ounce= 480 calories

1083 calories total/ 8 servings= 135.375 calories each boat


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