I Didn’t Bake This Weekend…

red velvet mug

I bake (almost) every weekend.

Buuuut… not last weekend. It was for a few different reasons… I was feeling like a bit of a fat kid from all the junk I’ve been eating lately combined with a few particularly “hard” runs, and a conversation with the.mr about how weight loss is “all about will-power and just NOT eating the cookie.” Will power… is apparently something I lack.

So long story short, I was a little sad about my lack of will power and spent all weekend googling “healthy desserts” and “low fat sweets” and “skinny dessert recipes” and… well, you get the hint.

The googling led to a conversation over on FB with some of my friends who are Paleo or Low/No Carb. What the hell do they eat!? Seriously!? I couldn’t do it. I love carbs and sweets too much.

So, I didn’t bake. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t snack after lunch. I always get the munchies around 2 or 3 in the afternoon to go with my afternoon cup of coffee… it’s kind of working. all week I’ve been stomping around the house for an hour or so in the afternoon until I forget that I want something sweet. 😉

The.mr has been gone on a work trip since Tuesday and my sweet tooth finally got the better of me last night.

I caved and made this awesome Red Velvet Mug Cake from the Novice Chef. Only… I added 2 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips and used less food coloring (because I ran out). The texture is great, and it “baked” perfectly in 1 min & 10 seconds. It, thankfully wasn’t spongy OR overdone in the middle.

And the best part… it’s single serve so there weren’t any leftovers to tempt me! This mug cake is going to b a great addition to the rotation of mug cakes for when I’m lacking the will-power to say no, when the.mr isn’t home, or juuust because I can. It’s going to make a addition to the single serve recipe rotation!

Happy “Baking”!



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