Spicy Chicken Teriyaki & Grilled Pineapple- N2MCC34

I’m pretty sure you want this Spicy Chicken Teriyaki in your belly. It’s soo good! I’m glad I adapted it from the blog Or Whatever You Do for week 34 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge!

At first, I didn’t plan on making the changes that I did. But sh*t happens, and it worked out for the best!

The original recipe calls for pineapple juice… but a can of pineapple slices was cheaper than buying a bottle of juice. I thought I picked up “sliced pineapple in juice”, but it turned out I got the kind in heavy syrup instead. Oops. Next time I’m definitely going to make sure I get the pineapple slices in juice. I noticed that the marinade/ sauce was a little sweet. I think using the juice instead of syrup will help the spicy shine through. Know what I’m saying?

I hate throwing stuff away. Especially food. That’s one of the reasons I don’t marinate things very often. I hate pouring all that marinade down the sink, sooooo I turned it into a sauce! What?! I know… I’ve never done it before… but that’s what Google is for. Apparently boiling something for at least 15 minutes will kill the bacteria and make it safe to eat! Just make sure it’s a rolling boil, not a wimpy half boil. Really get it going. I covered a small sauce pan, then started the timer after I heard it boiling. After that, you can simmer it for a while until it reduces or whisk in some corn starch to thicken it.

Overall, this Spicy Chicken Teriyaki gets thumbs up from the.mr and I. I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up in the regular dinner rotation.

Click HERE for the recipe!

Happy Making!



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