Homemade Peanut Butter!!

I wasn’t going to share this recipe because… well… I don’t think it really counts as a recipe. I mean, seriously, you basically do 2 things. AND it takes like 10 minutes. in fact it’s so quick and easy that I have no idea why I hadn’t made my own peanut butter before!

There are recipes all over the interwebs for homemade peanut butter and the differences are pretty small. Some use flavored nuts, or warm nuts. Some use specific oil, or none at all. I even came across recipes that brown sugar & cinnamon or chocolate!

I ended up with a “plain” version because I was trying to save some calories. This recipe ends up having about 10 less calories per tablespoon than my store bought brand.

I used store brand dry, honey roasted (unsalted) peanuts in this recipe, but I imagine if you’re really worried about preservatives (there weren’t a lot in my peanuts, but they still had some) you could probably use organic peanuts. I’m not willing to spend the extra $2 to go organic. Some of the recipes I read call for the nuts to be toasted in the oven. Apparently warming them helps release the oils and makes them softer. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t try it.

I also used store brand honey… again, if you’re “all natural” use organic.

As for the oil… one thing all the recipes agreed on is NOT to use olive oil. From what I’ve read the taste just doesn’t compliment the peanuts. I think I might try using coconut oil the next time I make this Homemade Peanut Butter, but I’m not sure how it would affect the texture (being a solid and all). I guess it’ll be worth experimenting with!

Taste & texture-wise it’s not the same as regular store bought peanut butter. It’s not as spreadable, and you definitely have to stir it before use. I don’t know how it compares to “natural” peanut butter sold at the grocery store because I’m too cheap to buy  it! Overall, I actually like the homemade version a little more than the store bought kind. The only thing is… I’ll still have to keep a jar of regular PB in the pantry for baking. The homemade/ natural kinds aren’t very good to bake with because they break down easily. I mean they don’t have a ton a stabilizers & preservatives in them…

This Homemade Peanut Butter is totally worth the 10ish minutes it takes to make. Just try to avoid eating it ALL right from the jar while hiding in the pantry, mumbling under your breath about your precious. 😉

Check out the recipe HERE.

Happy Making!



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