(Slightly Healthier Than Regular) Banana Bread Muffins!!

I’m super excited about these Slightly Healthier Than Regular Banana Bread Muffins! Know why?! Because they’re (kind of) not bad for you! I mean… it’s got banana, apple(sauce), and wheat flour. There’s no butter or oil and no cholesterol filled egg yolk!

I adapted this recipe from All Recipes. Do you use All Recipes? I usually find a recipe that looks promising and then read the reviews… the people who take the time to review the recipes generally have great tips & adaptations! That’s how this version came about!

I’ve made this recipe 2x in the past week and a half! The.mr and I destroyed them! In my defense, I made them the second time because I realized I didn’t write down the modified directions! Ooops.

The.mr said he couldn’t even tell these muffins are “healthy”. At least until I told him. 😉

These muffins have 165 calories each. You could cut that even more by using a sweetener or a sweetener mix like the one I used in the brownies last week. I haven’t tried it yet… but I assume it would work. You could even leave the chocolate chips out to save a bunch of calories… but why? Chocolate chips make everything better (even if they’re not better for you)!

I loooooove this Slightly Healthier Than Regular Banana Bread Muffins recipe so much I think it’s going to replace my regular banana bread!

Happy Baking!



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