Peanut Butter Cookie Experiment!!

For the past few weeks I’ve been messing around with “healthier” recipes. IE food I can eat and feel slightly less guilty about eating…

Last weekend I did a little experiment with my favorite Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe. I wanted to see what would happen when I changed some of the ingredients for “healthier” ones. I wanted to see how different ingredients would change the flavor/texture/shape/color/bake time etc…

My first idea was to replace the butter with something else. I ended up not doing that after browsing online and deciding that butter makes the best cookies. AND it has less calories than a lot of the healthier replacements (like coconut oil).

Eventually I narrowed down my “healthy” replacement options for cookies. I substituted whole wheat flour for AP, Egg Beaters for whole eggs, and an artificial sweetener mix to replace the sugars.

Luckily for me my PB Cookie recipe is easily divisible by 4, so I could make smaller batches of the 3 “healthy” cookies and 1 of the regular for comparison! WIN.

I’m going to do a quick breakdown of each cookie.

Whole Wheat Flour instead of AP flour
These were the least favorite of the “healthy” options. The cookie dough was darker and grainier than the others. Using all whole wheat flour made them taste kind of bitter. They took 10 minutes to bake. The texture was similar to the regular cookies. My tasters just couldn’t get past the excessively wheaty taste. I won’t entirely substitute whole wheat in PB cookies again, maybe half whole wheat flour and half AP.


Artificial Sweetener Mix instead of granulated & light brown sugars
I used Domino Sugar Stevia mix. I replaced ALL the sugar (including the light brown) with ½ the amount of sweetener. I added a bit of molasses to mimic the flavor from the missing brown sugar. This dough was slightly stickier and lighter than the others. I baked these for 9-10minutes. Fresh from the oven these were my favorite. After a few days they seemed to get a little more dried out then the other cookies. They didn’t spread out as much as the others and stayed puffier when they cooled. They tasted very similar to the regular cookies.

Egg Beaters instead of whole eggs
Egg Beaters is a brand of egg substitute. I know… fake eggs? WTF? Whyyyyy? Less calories. Lower cholesterol. Decreased fat. Same amount of protein. At first I was going to use egg whites instead of whole eggs. During my research I saw a lot of people commenting that using just whites makes cookies too dry. This post from The Kitchn was also super helpful. This dough was the stickiest and shiny. I ended up baking these for 10-11 minutes. This version was really crumbly… they fell apart more easily than any of the others. Even though they’re crumby these ended up being my favorite after a day or so on the counter. They stayed the most moist.

I’m happiest with the way the Sweetener Cookies & the Egg Beaters Cookies came out. Buuuut I’m thinking that there’s always room for improvement! Stay tuned for PB Cookie Experiment II!

Happy Baking! -Holly


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