Foreman Grilled Stuffed Chicken- N2MCC38

stuffed chicken

Chicken again? I know, I know… LAAAAAAAAAAME. I’m can’t help it I’m unadventurous and chicken is my favorite meat.

I didn’t bother typing out a recipe for this because it’s so easy…

First, I lightly steamed  3.5 oz (2 cups) broccoli florets, about 2-3 minutes because I like my veggies crunchier. Next, I diced 3 oz (3/4 cup) of white cheddar cheese. Then I combined the broccoli & cheese. The fourth step is spreading the broccoli/ cheese over 1 .25 lbs of really thin sliced chicken cutlets, But only one half of each. Then fold the cutlet in half and stick it on the preheated Foreman Grill and “grill” it until the juice runs clear. It took me under 8 minutes to get them finished.

I had originally planned on baking this. Then dinner time rolled around and I was too hungry to wait for the oven to pre-heat. Fat Kid Alert! The cutlets got squished by the top of the Foreman so the broccoli and cheese leaked out a little bit, but it still worked out pretty well. I didn’t make anything else to go along with this Foreman Grilled Stuffed Chicken because is still insisting on less carbs at dinner… If I had my way, I would’ve made some brown minute rice.

Thanks to my most used kitchen appliance (even more than my stand mixer) I had dinner done in under 15 minutes. That’s a win in my book.

Happy Making!

PS. I seasoned half of the chicken with homemade Cajun Seasoning and half with homemade Greek Seasoning.

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