Slightly Healthier Than Regular Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

HI, my name is Holly and I’m addicted to junk food. What? You already knew that? Darn.

I’ve really been struggling with that. I want to be healthy and “fit”. I want to LOVE the way I look. Unfortunately, my lack of willpower usually kicks in…

Did you notice that I’ve been trying out some “slightly healthier” options lately? These Chocolate Chip Cookies are my latest attempt at making something that I reeeeeeeally love a liiiiiittle bit less guilt inducing. Ya know what I mean?

I used Domino brand sugar & stevia mix in these cookies to reduce some of the sugar. It was right next to the sugar in my grocery store.

I also reduced some calories/fat by using Egg Beaters. You know, egg “substitute” that is (supposedly) made with real eggs… it comes in a carton, and was by the eggs in the grocery store. I can’t tell the difference between this stuff & real eggs. Besides baking, I’ve scrambled it and used it to make French Toast.

They’re a little fluffier than I like my cookies. Maybe I mean cakey… I’m not sure. You can see the air bubbles. These kept their shape and didn’t spread at all.

I’m going to be honest… these aren’t as good as regular chocolate chip cookies. But they’re close. VERY CLOSE! said he couldn’t tell the difference between these and fatty cookies. Personally, thick chewy cookies are the way to go, but for “slightly healthier than regular” chocolate chip cookies these do the trick.

Check out the recipe HERE!

Happy Baking!


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