Crown Royal Cookie Sandwiches!!

I made Crown Royal Cookie Sandwiches and they taste pretty freaking good!

I adapted the cookie recipe from one that a friend posted on FB. Apparently it’s pretty popular, and I couldn’t find a source (besides that photo). Overall the cookies are kind of plain. They taste pretty much like a regular chocolate cookies. The dough was more of a “batter” texture. It wasn’t doughy like I expect cookie batter to be. Ya know? I didn’t want these to be too thick, so I flattened them out before they finished baking.

So… what’s a girl to do when her Crown Royal Cookies don’t taste like Crown Royal? Sandwich a heaping  helping of CR infused frosting between two of them. Of course! I used my basic boozy buttercream recipe. It added a nice hint of whiskey flavor. I used a little purple food coloring in the frosting because… well my girl Angie (AKA Big Bear’s Wife) suggested it. Genius! I couldn’t help but add the purple & gold sugar sprinkles… because, well, who doesn’t like sprinkles!?

I’m really happy with the way these came out. The CR flavor is subtle, but I think it’s just right. These are definitely going to be made again. And again. And probably again.

Click HERE to see my Crown Royal Cookie Sandwiches recipe!!

Happy Baking!!


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