(Updated) Chuck Wagon Stew- N2MCC42

The first time I made this stew was waaaaaaay back in the day. It was the very first thing I ever put in a slow cooker in my adult life. I was 22. That was… before I owned a slow cooker and too many years ago. It’s adapted from All Recipes.

I decided it was time to update the original recipe for my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge (even though it’s not new) because I wanted something quick/ easy, I was feeling lazy, and because I can. 😉

I added the celery and garlic. Then I switched out the regular sausage for chicken sausage and regular carrots for baby carrots. Other than that, the only thing I did was add the weights to the recipe.

I used those big chunks of stew meat in this recipe, and then trimmed some of the fat off of it. I could probably use a leaner (read: more expensive) cut next time, but… it spends so long in the slow cooker it practically falls apart and I think the fattiness adds a little bit of extra flavor.

I used a package of Alfresco (brand) Spicy Chicken Sausage. This brand seems to be the “go to” chicken sausage for the.mr & I. It’s decently priced and we haven’t used a flavor we didn’t like.

The original recipe called for 5 regular carrots, but I switched them out for 35 baby carrots. Why 35? I actually weighed 9 oz (which is equal to 3 servings) and then counted them. Why? Because I was counting calories. That’s also why there are weight measurements in the recipe.

This (Updated) Chuck Wagon Stew makes a TON of food so it’s great for families. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t reheat very well. The carrots & potatoes get a little too mushy for my taste. I could probably fix this by cooking for less time in the slow cooker… maybe 7 hours instead of 8? Speaking of… it only takes 8 hours in my slow cooker to get this done and ready to eat. I think any more time would turn this into mush!

Overall this recipe is (still) a win. I really like how easy it is. It’s warm and filling, perfect for the chilly days that are coming.

Happy Making!

CLICK for the (Updated) Chuck Wagon Stew recipe or look at the New 2 Me Cooking Challenge Recipe for 2013 or 2014!


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