Frosted Oreo Brownies!!

This is the story of how I set out to make a “healthier” brownie. I used artificial sweetener/ sugar blend, and substituted Egg Beaters for the whole eggs! I was even going to use reduced fat Oreos! Then… I couldn’t find reduced fat Oreos at the grocery, so I bought Double Stuf instead. Then… I added the chocolate chips to the batter. THEN when the brownies where baked… I didn’t like the way the tops looked, so I HAD to add a little frosting.

So… healthy? Not so much. Delish? SO MUCH. said they’re his favorite brownies so far! I adapted the recipe from Crazy For Crust. I know I talk about that blog all the time, but click over there and explore, you’ll see why.

These ended up a little less fudgy than the original recipe. I’m 99% sure this is because I used artificial sweetener & egg beaters. They’re still super good, and definitely not cakey. I’d say they’re right in the middle of cakey & fudgy.

You should probably go make these Frosted Oreo Brownies… liiiiike, now. And then hide them from all the other people in your house. Unless you’re on a diet, or watching your calories, then you might want to share a few. The good news is: low calorie batter! Amiright!?

Happy baking!


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