Ham & Broccoli Baked Pasta- N2MCC43

I adapted this recipe from Bru Crew Life for week 43 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge.

Basically, I used less ham and more broccoli than in the original recipe. Then I tried to save some calories by using reduced fat cheeses & Ritz.

Next time I make this Ham & Broccoli Baked Pasta, I think I’m going to use fresh broccoli. Not that it really makes a huge difference… I had to squeeze some of the water out of the broccoli after I rinsed it in hot water, and using fresh will save me the 30 seconds it took to do that.

When I added the broccoli to the ham in the skillet I left in cooking on low heat so everything would stay warm until I had the cheese mixture done. Then, when the cheese was done melting I just mixed everything together in the large sauce pan before I poured it into the casserole dish.   I accidentally covered it in the crackers before I sprinkled the remaining cheese… so that’s why it’s on top of my crumbs in the pictures. Oops.

Overall this get thumbs up from the.mr and I. It makes A LOT of food, so the next time I’ll probably freeze half of it. This time… we just ate the leftovers later in the week. The shells got a little soft in the microwave, but I expected that to happen. Either way, I’m going to be making this again… and I can’t wait!

Check out my version of Ham & Broccoli Baked Pasta HERE! If that doesn’t get you excited, look through the other New 2 Me Cooking Challenge Recipes for 2013 or 2014.

Happy Making!


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