Bourbon & Bacon Mixed Nuts

Oh Nuts!

I adapted this recipe from Cooking On The Front Burner’s Bacon Beer Nuts.

They’re so good I’ve already made them 2x! I’m not even kidding. The first time I made this recipe I over-cooked the nuts so they didn’t have a nice shiny glaze. The secret to the shine is to let the mixture cook, but to take it out of the oven while it’s still bubbly. It’ll settle down as soon as you spread it into the second piece of foil.

The bacon adds just a little bit of salty flavor to the sweet brown sugar. The American Honey Wild Turkey adds a slight bourbon bite that is really more of an under layer of flavor. You could probably use regular bourbon, but I like the sweetness from the American Honey.

The hardest part of making these was letting them cool enough to break apart.

These Bourbon & Bacon Mixed Nuts are going to make a great appetizer for the holidays. They’d also be good in a gift basket or in a hostess gift! Make a batch and share some… if you can even get them out the door!

This recipe worked out really well! and I destroyed the first batch, and we’re currently working on the second. I *might* have sprinkled some on my fro yo last night. Ok, I totally did and it was awesome.

Here’s the recipe for my version of Bourbon & Bacon Mixed Nuts. Try not to eat them all yourself. 😉

Happy Making!


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