Peanut Butter Cookie Cake!!

Halloween was last Friday. Naturally I went to the grocery store on Saturday to see what kind of discount candy was leftover… I came home with a few bags of snack sized Reese’s cups (WIN), a bag of fall colored M&M’s, and a bag of Candy Corn M&M’s.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the candy corn flavor M&M’s. They don’t taste like candy corn, but they don’t taste like white chocolate either… I won’t buy them again. They’re awkwardly sweet.

I adapted this PB Cookie Cake recipe from Baker by Nature to add some of the candy I bought into it.

Next time I’m def leaving the Candy Corn M&M’s out. I’ll just switch those to more plain M&M’s or Reese’s Cups.

I cheated and used canned frosting on this and it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have used the.entire.can. originally I frosted 2 lines around the edge, but then  I realized it was uneven so I covered the top instead. That wasn’t a good idea… I forgot how overly sweet it canned frosting can be.

Also… I won’t go over 25 minutes for the bake time. I thought mine wasn’t done, so I let it go for another 5(ish) and the edges are too done. They’re a little crispier than I like.

Overall, I like the texture of the cookie cake and the slight PB flavor. BUT… between the frosting, the overly sweet/ odd CC M&M’s, and too crispy edges this cookie cake is just a “meh”. and I are both eating it, but I’ll def make those changes the next time.

Here’s the link to my version of this PB Cookie Cake.

Happy(ish) Baking!


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