Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Bundt Cake!!

Ohemgeeeee! This cake! So yummy! My original plan was to make a delish fall inspired bundt cake with apple cider. Then and I went to the liquor store and I saw a Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack and I thought… F*ck boring apple cider, I’m going to use this JD instead! This JD Winter Jack is apple cider liqueur & Jack Daniel’s blended together. It’s seriously good… I might have sipped a little bit while I was making this cake. I also might have mixed some with a splash of warm apple cider while I was eating this cake. 😉

I adapted this recipe from an apple cider cake on The booze is really mellow so you can’t really tell it’s in there. The next time I make this I’m going to cut back on the cinnamon and nutmeg, it was super strong and a little overwhelming.

I baked this bundt for 48 minutes, but I think it would’ve been ok for a few less minutes in the oven. I let it cool all the way, and then used a plastic knife to wiggle the edges of the cake before I turned it over onto the counter. It fell right out of the pan! I was so excited, this was the first time I’ve made a bundt that came right out! WOOT!

The icing (or frosting, whatever you want to call it) is kind of caramelly. Caramelish? That would be because of the melted butter and brown sugar. The longer you let it sit at room temp, the thicker it will get… if it gets too thick try adding more booze! 😉 and I enjoyed this Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Bundt a lot! We liked it so much, I’m thinking about taking it to Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt’s house this year! I’ll just have to go back to the liquor store for another bottle of JD Winter Jack Tennessee Cider!

Click here for the recipe!

Happy Baking!

PS. Sorry about the pictures… I forgot to take some after we sliced it. Ooops!


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