Chocolate Caramel Corn!!

When I was a kid one of my favorite holiday treats was the caramel corn from those seasonal tins of popcorn… you know the ones with Christmas scenes or Santa or something on the outside and the 3 different flavors of popcorn inside? Caramel, regular & “cheese” flavors with cardboard separating them… ya know? I used to open the tin as soon as I could and start working on all that crunchy caramely popcorn. I’d sneak a few pieces whenever I could get away with it. My sister used to do the same with the cheesy flavor. By the time my mom realized what was going on there’d only be crumbs and plain, boring buttered popcorn left!

This Chocolate Caramel Corn is my attempt at replicating one of my favorite Christmas treats! I adapted it from This Silly Girl’s Life.

I doubled the caramel. Originally I made what the recipe called for, but it wasn’t enough to cover my popcorn! So I made some more. The first batch was a little darker and crunchier than the second. I think it’s because I ran out of brown sugar while I was making the second so I didn’t have a “packed” cup, which made it more soft… does that make sense? It still worked really well. I actually like the way there’s super crunchy caramel mixed in with some that’s a little bit softer but it’s all smothering the sweet kettle corn. The other great thing is this caramel holds up great at room temperature. It’s not too soft or sticky.

I also doubled the chocolate. But that was kind of an accident. I was attempting to drizzle it over the mostly cooled caramel corn and ended up dumping it all over one of the cookie sheets instead. I just spread it over that one, and melted some more for the other cookie sheet. Ooops!

This recipe made so much popcorn I had to divide it into 2 bowls to cover it with caramel, and then on to 2 baking sheets to “drizzle” the chocolate, add the candies, and chill it!

Speaking of candies… I bought these suuuuuuper cute Sixlets in Fall colors and I had no idea what I wanted to use them for. This popcorn recipe was perfect for them! Only problem… they taste like cheap chocolate. I’m not a chocolate snob… but I was pretty disappointed. Luckily for me I had half a bag of M&M’s in the pantry and I added those instead of just using Sixlets!

This Chocolate Caramel Corn is perfect for the Holidays! Seriously… it makes enough to share with everybody you know, or enough to hoard in the pantry all for yourself. Not that I’m hiding any in the dark recesses of *my* pantry. I would never do that. It’s also easy, quick, and great at room temperature, which would make it great to ship off in the mail to some far off friends, unless you want to hoard it in the deep dark recesses of your pantry and sneak pieces when nobody is around to judge you…

I won’t judge, just click HERE for my version of this Chocolate Caramel Corn!

Happy Making!


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