Pretzel Parker House Rolls- N2MCC47

I made these rolls for week 47 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge. I usually adapt these recipes to suit my needs, then share my version. I didn’t do that. This time, I followed the directions to the T. I didn’t change a thing besides my 2nd rise. So… there’s no posted recipe. if you want to make these (and you REALLY do) check out the recipe from Smitten Kitchen HERE.

Instead of sharing my recipe I’m just going to share some pictures of the process!

parker house1

This is before the first rise.

parker house2

This is after the first rise. I preheated the oven to 200 degrees F, then turned it off and put the bowl (covered with a damp dish towel) inside for 1 hour.

parker house3parker house5

Cutting the dough into wedges and then rolling them up.

parker house6

This is after the 2nd rise. I let them rise the same way as the first time. I didn’t like the way the dough looked, so I punched  it down, and reshaped the rolls.

parker house7 parker house8

After I reshaped the rolls, and brushed them with the water/ baking soda followed by the egg

parker house9 parker house10 parker house12

This is after I baked them for 20 minutes! and I ate all 16 rolls in 2 days! TWO DAAAYS! They’re that good. I can’t wait to make them again.

Honestly… I might go do that right now. 😉

Happy Making!


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