Chocolate Bourbon Fudge!!

chocolate bourbon fudge

Oh nooooo! It’s the day before Thanksgiving and you need a quick dessert to add to the table?

Make this fudge! I adapted it from How Sweet It Is!

It’s quick, easy and delish! Your tastebuds won’t regret it, but your non-stretchy pants might!

The next time I make this fudge I’m planning on leaving out the Dove Caramels, I don’t think they added very much to the overall recipe. I’m also going to switch out the Sixlets for M&Ms. I bought the Sixlets as an impulse buy at Target… they’re so cute in those Fall colors! Sadly… they didn’t stick to my fudge very well, and they taste cheap. Not that I usually use $$ chocolate, but the Sixlets just don’t cut it. Ya know?

Wanna make this fudge?! HERE’S my version of Chocolate Bourbon Fudge!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. If you’re driving/ travelling on the East Coast today… be safe!


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