Shortbread Bites!!

Shortbread has been on my Christmas baking to do list for a loooong time! I always put it off, and I have no idea why.It’s so easy! And there are only a few ingredients! There are a few different variations, though. I saw some that use granulated sugar, one that used eggs, some with vanilla… you get the idea.

I finally settled on adapting THIS one from Cookies & Cups. Cookies and cups is one of my favorite food blogs!

The first thing I did different was combine it all in a food processor instead of pulling out the stand mixer. This probably made the texture more crumbly then in the original recipe.

I also forgot to add the vanilla… oops.

The only other thing I did different was baking it in 2 smaller pans. It took a little bit of effort to press the crumbs into the pans, but not enough that I broke a sweat. 😉 I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t fall apart when I tried to cut into it!

My shortbread came out a smidge dry. Maybe because I forgot the vanilla? Or… maybe I slightly over-baked? Or could it be because I combined it in the food processor instead of following the original recipe!? I don’t know…

It still tastes pretty darn good, especially with a cup of coffee or a mug of hot tea! Want to make my Shortbread Bites, just click on the link!

Happy Baking!


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