Hot Chocolate Cookies!!

Tis the season for cookies. Tis also the season for hot chocolate. Tis the season to combine the two and make the most glorious cookies I’ve eaten all year!

I (slightly) adapted these cookies from The Girl Who Ate Everything. You can’t beat this combo. Hot cocoa mix added to cookie dough with some chocolate chips and white chocolate chips topped off with some mini marshmallows… yum.

I didn’t change much from the original recipe.

I added an extra ¼ cup of hot cocoa mix, because I used a mix that had mini marshmallows in it. My rationalization was that the dehydrated mini marshmallows took up a little more room than just plain hot cocoa mix would. The mini marshmallows from the mix didn’t melt when I baked these so there was a sprinkling of them throughout the baked cookies.

I added the white chocolate chips in after the post on The Girl Who Ate Everything said that there were some in the original recipe (but she didn’t have any on hand). It was a good call.

As for the extra mini marshmallows… even when I froze them, they still melted when I added them to the cookie dough. L So what I left them out. Then I baked the cookies for about 8 minutes, then lightly pressed some (frozen) mini marshmallows on top, and finished baking the cookies for another 2 minutes.

In my oven I only needed to bake these cookies for about 10 minutes. I left the dough in the fridge between batches, and left it in the ball shape from the scoop. Speaking of the scoop…I think it’s a 2inch scoop… or we can just call it “large”.

If you only make one cookie this season (and let’s be honest… time is almost up) it should be this recipe! I sent half of these to work with and kept the rest at home. He said his coworkers ate all of them in a few hours, and the ones I kept at home  didn’t even make it 2 days!

Here’s my version of these Hot Chocolate Cookies!

Happy Baking!


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