#PintrestFail AKA Homemade Christmas Gifts


I’m kind of cheap. If you know me IRL, you already know this. If you stumbled onto my little piece of the internet somehow and didn’t know that I’m cheap… I am.

Now that we got that out of the way… every year I try to “make” Christmas gifts.

Whatever I make usually comes out looking like a particularly untalented 6 y old made it. If, whatever it is, even comes out at all.

This year was no exception. I tried to make those Sharpie Mugs that are all over Pintrest. Not even  a little bit. I made ceramic mugs and wineglasses. First I tried it with CraftSmart Markers. I painted my designed, then baked them… just like all the blog says. The paint scratched right off, and that was before I even tried washing them in the dishwasher! WTF!? The same thing happened when I tried it with the name brand Sharpie Markers. #PintrestFail. And before you ask… Yes, I used the oil based ones. The only thing I can think of is that I used mugs/ glasses from Target, and maybe I should’ve used ones from the dollar store. I have no idea. I almost cried.

The other thing I tried was ceramic coasters. I got plain white square coasters from Lowes, and tried both brands of paint pens again… and baked them again… Now, I didn’t care of these were dishwasher safe, and they didn’t have to be food safe, so I bought some Modge Podge sealant spray, and sprayed them. The problem here was that the ink spread. Even after I baked the coasters. I’m 90% positive this was my fault. I think I held the spray nozzle too close to the coaster, and it made the paint spread. So… this project was a #PintrestFail too.

I’d like to hear from anyone I know IRL if either of these projects worked from them…

But, lets move on to the parts of my Christmas gifts that actually worked!

I made THIS ahmazing Brownie Mix from Crazy For Crust. Of course before I gifted it, I had to make a batch myself… so good! I used dark cocoa powder and left out the vanilla. I also wrote vegetable oil in the directions instead of listing the options. Sorry I don’t have any pictures!!

The last part of my homemade Christmas gifts this year was Cinnamon Apple Infused Bourbon. I adapted THIS recipe from Shutterbean! It only took me a few minutes to put together.  printed out paper circle labels for the tops of the jars, and just covered them w/ shipping tape so the colors wouldn’t run. My only complaint is that I started with 4 pints jars and ended up with 2. The apples took up that much room. Also… if you want this to keep well and look clearish, I’d run it through a strainer and then through cheesecloth to get all those little pieces. I also transferred the finished bourbon into 2 clean jars. Click HERE for my version of this Apple Cinnamon Bourbon!

Happy Making!

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