Apple Cider Sangira- N2MCC51

I made this Apple Cider Sangria for Christmas Eve while we were in VA visiting’s family. His family’s boozy drink of choice is usually some kind of wine, so when I saw the original version of this recipe on How Sweet It Is, I KNEW I had to try it!

I also know that I attempted to make Chicken & Wild Rice Soup for week 51 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge… and it didn’t work. Again.

So… because I’m (apparently) never going to make Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Happen, I think I’ll just share the Apple Cider Sangria that we had on Christmas Eve!

I didn’t change much from the original recipe. Except, well, I guess I kind of tripled it. We like wine. What can I say? 😉

Ok… I tripled the wine. Then I added the brandy. I know the recipe says 375mL, but I’m not 100% positive I used that much. I know I used a whole “flask” sized bottle. You know, the smallest bottle that isn’t an airplane bottle. Flask-sized. I googled “flask sized” and the results came up 375 mL. So just go ahead and dump it in there.

I added the apple cider & club soda to taste. I ended up using half a gallon of cider. My youngest SIL was the only one who thought I should’ve used more. That’s why I wrote ½ – ¾ of a gallon in the recipe.

There were 8 of us and we finished this recipe. FINISHED IT.

I told you… we like our wine.

The only thing I’ll do different the next time I make this is switching out the 2 pears for more apples. I didn’t feel like they really added anything to the recipe.

But if you want to find out for yourself go make my version of this Apple Cider Sangria!

Happy Drinking!



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