Guilty Feels Like… I Haven’t Baked Anything New In A While.

I’m feeling horribly guilty about not having posted anything new in (what feels like) forever. I’ve been kind of unmotivated…

well, that’s not true…

I’ve done a lot of baking. But it’s been all repeat stuff and some experimenting.

So here’s a little rundown of what’s been happening in my kitchen!

1. I made my favorite Chocolate Banana Bread into “2 bite muffins”. Then I froze them so I wouldn’t eat every single one. I just took one or 2 out of the freezer and microwaved them for 15 seconds.

2. I made my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. I used Kahlua in them, and substituted the sugars with artificial sweetener blends. Then I scooped them with a large cookie scoop and flash froze them. After they chilled in the freezer, I bagged them in a Ziploc freezer bag. I baked them at the same temperature as the original recipe, but for a minute or 2 longer. These cookies are kind of problematic… the bottoms got pretty dark and crispy while the tops/ middles stayed underdone. I think this is because I used a big cookie scoop, they were frozen when I baked them, and the artificial sweetener. They’re still pretty delish.

3. I also made my favorite Sugar Cookies. I wanted to lighten them up a little bit so I used the artificial sweetener blend and Egg Beaters. Overall the cookies are OK. They taste a little bit too much like artificial sweetener and they got stale pretty quick. If you eat them the same day it should be a big deal… 3 days later, and you’ll be eating stale sugar cookies. 😦 I’ve noticed that when I use artificial sweeteners I end up baking the cookies for a few minutes less then I would when I use regular sugars.

4. I made Royal Icing with meringue powder (instead of egg whites). I had a little trouble getting it to the right thickness… I had to keep adding water (a teaspoon at a time), until eventually I gave up and left it a little too thick. I’m planning on trying again, and then posting a recipe. I liked it because it dried waaaaaay faster than the icing I usually use for my sugar cookies!

5.  I had some leftover heavy cream in the fridge and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So I made THESE scones… except I used Kahlua. And then I made another batch of those scones (with Kahlua) but I used Egg Beaters, artificial sweetener blend, and substituted half of the AP flour with whole wheat flour. Overall… the “healthier” scones tasted ALMOST as good as the regular ones!

6. I started my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge for 2015! But I’m doing it different this year. I’m pretty excited about it, but I haven’t worked out all the kinks, so we’ll see what happens!

Happy Baking!


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